SAP CRM Security

What is SAP CRM?

SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a prevalent system of its kind. It is a part of SAP Business Suite designed to store and process critical business data. In other words, SAP CRM is intended to process all the data that is somehow related to clients, leads, and contracts. Compromising this system leads to significant reputational and financial losses to the organization. This system is accessible via the Internet, which makes it perfect for remote attacks.

SAP CRM Security Risks

There are multiple risks related to SAP CRM systems. Some of them are listed below.

Client data theft (Espionage)

Unauthorized access to SAP CRM threatens such data as client lists, prices, contact points, etc. If compromised, this data can be used by competitors to win customers over with lower-priced bids and, in the long run, ruin the whole business.

Reputational risks (Sabotage)

Unauthorized changes in SAP CRM can have a negative impact on customer relations. The possible outcomes are contract execution delay, substituted business correspondence or even revised contract terms.

SAP CRM Vulnerabilities

SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP (AS ABAP) is the main platform for SAP CRM; SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java (AS Java) is the backend and SAP Enterprise Portal (EP) is the frontend. This means that SAP CRM is potentially vulnerable to the risks of both ABAP (more than 1000) and JAVA (over 500) platforms. In addition, there are approximately 330 vulnerabilities specific to different modules of SAP CRM.

How can our software help to ensure SAP CRM Security?

ERPScan Smart Cybersecurity Platform for SAP has a wide range of checks designed to discover security issues specific to SAP CRM Systems. The solution’s leading position in the field has been confirmed by multiple awards. This is the only SAP SE certified solution on the market that can identify, analyze and remediate all SAP security issues and to ensure powerful protection against cyber-attacks and fraud. It embraces all three areas of SAP security: Vulnerability Management, Source Code Review for custom programs and Segregation of Duties (SoD).