SAP security assessment is a process that requires dedicated time. Additionally, since these are complex systems to operate coupled with an array of different installation types, the need for different divisions of security specialists is urgent. Even the application server may be based on either ABAP, J2EE, HANA, or another platform, and they require completely different specialists, not to mention particular applications and modules, which amount to more than 50.

SAP security is a combination of 3 different areas: Vulnerability Management, Source Code Security and Segregation of Duties, where unique knowledge for each area is required. Manual in-depth assessment of an SAP landscape is time-consuming because of the varying vulnerabilities and configurations on top of the issues related to user access control.


ERPScan Security Monitoring Suite allows for easy assessment by automating general checks thereby permitting undivided focus on the analysis of specific applications channeled to meet precise needs. Overall, it gets the job done quickly.

Penetration testers, for instance, can use the existing tools along with a vast variety of checks that can be launched anonymously along with precise data for conducting attacks. Our unique set of exploits that can target certain SAP systems along with unlimited access to business data are available. Get that competitive edge by offering source code security scanning, access control checks along with seamless continual penetration testing and security assessments.

Consulting companies can save their precious time by using the automatic checks in the customer’s SAP landscape against multiple standards and guidelines like SOX, PCI, NERC CIP standards, ISACA DSAG and EAS-SEC recommendations and industry-specific guidelines. You gain a competitive edge with regards to quality and speed of work since your concentration focuses on specific areas rather than manual analysis of typical issues.


  • Comply with standards such as: SOX, PCI-DSS, NERC, CIP, SAP security guidelines and various other SAP specific recommendations;
  • Use our large knowledge base compiled by information security professionals and SAP experts. It helps understand the discovered security issues easily along with remediation steps so that even inexperienced SAP professionals can infer to them;
  • Automate routine by identifying 7500+ misconfigurations and 3000+ vulnerabilities across all types of SAP Platforms (ABAP, JAVA, HANA, BOBJ, Mobile), Systems and Industry solutions;
  • Automatically exploit vulnerabilities, identify weak passwords, and execute multi-stage attacks and post-exploitation;
  • Magnify your competitive edge by offering source code security scanning and access control along with regular SAP penetration testing and SAP security assessments;
  • Get rid of time consuming manual analysis and embrace time management with the hourly system analysis and 2-minute scans against critical issues instead of spending weeks.