Monitor SAP Cybersecurity

Why SAP Cybersecurity Monitoring?

It is still unclear who is in charge of ERP Security and who takes responsibility if an ERP breach occurs. The research from Crowd Research Partners highlighted that 43% of responders thought a CIO was responsible, while 28% believed it was a CISO’s duty. Another report, delivered by Ponemon Institute, showed that CIO rather than CISO was more responsible for this area, but most people responded that nobody was actually in charge.

In reality, it is a shared responsibility of all stakeholders, including CIO, CRO, CISO, Managers, Security Engineers, Internal Auditors, SAP Security team, BASIS Admins and ABAP Developers. All of them should somehow participate in this task.

There are 3 major obstacles.

First of all, there is a large number of parties involved, and their responsibilities are not always clear. The purpose of our SAP Security Monitoring Module is to provide them with easy-to-use dashboards from where they can manage all their activities.

Secondly, it is quite evident that vulnerability management suffers from the lack of information about the business context of SAP systems and connections between them so that the relative importance of these vulnerabilities is not always clear. It means that there is a need for a more advanced representation of system criticality, vulnerability risks, and connections, to understand what issues are essential.

Finally, SAP is a very complex system and has a lot of protective mechanisms to enable and manage. Sometimes the goal of one vulnerability may differ because of the existence of another: here comes a need for the ability to make complex queries to the security system.

What can SAP Security Monitoring Module bring?

SAP Security monitoring Module of ERPScan Smart Cybersecurity Platform for SAP can help C-level executives and managers to understand a high-level picture of SAP Security on a global scale and drill down to particular questions if needed. It consists of 4 different components, each of them helping with particular tasks of viewing results from different angles:

  • Search – search engine with pre-configured queries that can help to find any advanced information;
  • Dashboards – high-level dashboards tailored for CISO, CIO, Managers, Engineers;
  • Threat Map – a high-level graphical representation of all systems, their connections and potential attack ways that can be used by hackers to penetrate from one system into another.
  • Compliance – all information about vulnerabilities by Compliance requirements;

How does SAP Security Monitoring Module work?

SAP Security Monitoring Module of ERPScan Smart Cybersecurity Platform for SAP makes security management transparent and holistic. A big data engine collects all issues and events together and presents them using role-tailored dashboards with the help of machine learning, thus reducing the flow of irrelevant information. The module can give C-level executives additional benefits from all functions available in Predict, Prevent, Detect, and Respond modules. It collects data from all the other modules and helps to get a high-level picture.

Who will benefit from SAP Security Monitoring Module?

SAP Security Monitoring, a part of our ERPScan Smart Cybersecurity Platform for SAP, is mostly relevant for C-level executives, such as CISO, CIO and CRO, and middle management, who want to get a high-level overview of SAP Security posture.


  • Connects people by providing a single panel for all stakeholders;
  • Increases the speed of response to complex questions with the help of a search engine and pre-configured queries;
  • Saves time on risk prioritization with the help of patent-pending threat map that automatically sorts systems by their remediation priority.