Prevent SAP Cyberattacks

Why do you need SAP Attack Prevention?

Attack Prevention is the most critical part of SAP security. It does not matter how good breach detection capabilities are. It is better to prevent at least the attacks you are familiar with.

Analysts from Gartner, IDC, KuppingerCole, Quocirca, and other firms have agreed on the significance of ERP security, which common solutions lack.

In many organizations, an ERP application is maintained by a separate team, and security is not their main priority. As a result, systems are often left unpatched for years in the name of operational availability.

The EAS-SEC SAP Cybersecurity framework distinguishes the following areas important for preventing cyberattacks:

  • Access Control
  • Awareness
  • Security Architecture
  • Data Security

Because numerous general security tools (e.g., IDS systems) scarcely protect SAP, they should not be taken as the only feasible solution due to the imperfection of their SAP vulnerability database. In contrast, ERPScan solution’s database contains information about over 4,000 SAP vulnerabilities.

Every month SAP releases about 30 vulnerability patches, and some of them cannot be easily applied. Vulnerability Management process for Large Enterprises with hundreds of business applications involves several challenges in patching, including system complexity, lack of resources, and backward compatibility. Finally, every custom program written by internal developers may turn out to be vulnerable. Thus, we can see that the solution can prevent attacks and that it is what customers do need to have in place.

The core of Prevention is the ability to automatically remediate and fix all the arising vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. They can be identified with the help of continuous security monitoring performed by Prediction Module.

What will you get from SAP Protection Module?

SAP Protection Module of ERPScan Smart Cybersecurity Platform for SAP protects from cyberattacks by clarifying all remediation steps for each identified vulnerability and performing automated corrections.

The main issue with the SAP Security is that usually a Security team just sends a list of bugs to an SAP team, which leads to conflicts. Our aim is not to point out vulnerabilities, but to help SAP teams to remediate them. ERPScan provides a security team with a description of each vulnerability. This includes high-level risk description for CISOs, step-by-step remediation guide with alternative options in case if particular methods do not work and, of course, other features, like risks, responsible person, and links to additional information from books, guides, and other sources. What is more important, we provide automation for these tasks.

Below are the components available in Protection module:

  • Code Corrections – for vulnerabilities in custom code, our tool automatically creates code corrections that can be applied in SAP by BASIS team.
  • Virtual Patches – since it may take time for the correction to be approved, we automatically generate virtual patches on the fly in the form of attack signatures into IDS/IPS systems.
  • 0-Day protection – our research team constantly examines SAP and discloses 0-day vulnerabilities, which can be exported from our database into an IDS/IPS system, to be protected from the corresponding attacks.

How can we help you with SAP Security Assessment?

Protection Module of ERPScan Smart Cybersecurity Platform for SAP makes security management and remediation process quick and easy.

ERPScan, the most credible business application security provider, is proud to have technical integration with all IDS/IPS vendors, including CISCO, Check Point, Fortinet, and others. Thanks to this partnership, you get a solution that can secure SAP systems from existing and 0-day attacks by virtually patching SAP on the network layer.

SAP Prediction Module of ERPScan Smart Cybersecurity Platform for SAP uses the results of each scanning it performs to create a list of attack signatures for all discovered vulnerabilities. After that, these signatures are exported to an IDS System to prevent potential attacks. The database of SAP Attack signatures is supported by ERPScan Research and Threat Intelligence teams – leaders by the number of discovered vulnerabilities in SAP systems. They have identified 500+ vulnerabilities in SAP and published 100+ research papers about unique attacks.

Who will benefit from SAP Protection Module?

This part of ERPScan Smart Cybersecurity Platform for SAP is mostly relevant for SAP Basis team, SAP Security team, and ABAP Developers team responsible for protecting SAP Systems from attacks.


  • Compliance with standards such as SOX, DSAG, GLBA, ISO, PCI-DSS, NERC CIP, SAP security guidelines and various other SAP specific recommendations;
  • Protection from attacks using our extensive knowledge base compiled by information security professionals and SAP experts. It helps to easily understand revealed security issues and describes remediation steps;
  • Simplification of remediation by automatically generating corrections and virtual patches and integrating them with IDS, SIEM, and ITSM systems;
  • Automation of the routine by automatic patching.