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Oil and Gas is the industry most plagued by cyber attacks, while the Banking sector comes in at a close second place. Several attacks on the infrastructure of Oil companies, like Aramco, were executed during the #OpPetrol operation by Anonymous that targeted global oil trade. The petroleum industry is also threatened by stealing of resources during upstream or downstream processes. SAP systems are widely used in the industry; there are even specific SAP modules for Oil and Gas. Cyber attacks on the SAP systems of Oil and Gas industries can be critical by themselves; they are also generally critical because of trust connections in the SAP systems. These connections have vital importance for asset management and technology networks like ICS, SCADA and Field Devices.


ERPScan for Oil and Gas companies helps to resist attacks and keeps critical infrastructures secure and within compliance, thus mitigating the specific risks that Oil and Gas companies encounter. With vast experience in facilitating Downstream and Upstream companies, we analyze every SAP system, including those used in Oil and Gas companies, and ensure areas like asset management systems (SAP EAM) are protected.


ERPScan includes templates for analyzing the SAP systems for all Oil and Gas security requirements and the NERC CIP recommendations. We thoroughly check users who have access to critical transactions and programs used by the IS-Oil module.

ERPScan Smart Cybersecurity Platform for SAP was the winner in the IT Products and Services for Enterprise nomination at the Hot Companies and Best Products Awards 2014 along with 25+ other awards.



Most Innovative Enterprise Security Solution according to CDM 2017
“ENGIE selected ERPScan Security Monitoring Suite for SAP to identify, analyze and respond to SAP Security issues including vulnerabilities, close security issues and SoD violations, this solution was the only one to cover all listed areas, correlate results and help in remediation.” ENGIE
“Oil and gas is one of the industries “most plagued” by cyberattacks, according to Alexander Polyakov, founder of ERPscan, a security firm specializing in enterprise software security. “It’s a juicy target for cyberattacks as oil and gas companies are responsible for a great part of some countries’ economy,” he told Motherboard.” Jonathan Keane in Motherboard

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