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The Higher Education industry experiences high rates of data breaches. According to Data Breach Report, attacks in Higher Education amount to 7% of all the incidents happened in 2017. The recent example is a data breach that occurred in 144 U.S. universities. Approximately 3,800 professors’ accounts were hacked. The damage was estimated at about $3.4 billion or about 31 terabytes of intellectual property.

Students and employees access university networks on a daily basis, so keeping these networks and systems secure is a challenge. Back in 2007, students hacked Florida A&M University’s PeopleSoft system to change grades, and this is not the only example. The security of these systems is still very weak, which is especially concerning in the light of the upcoming GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

SIS (Student Information System) is the core of any educational institution, and PeopleSoft systems are one of the most used. These systems store large amounts of personal records (e.g. payment information, medical records of current and former students and employees, etc.), which are so enticing for hackers. In addition, top universities possess innovative research materials, whose value undoubtedly attracts perpetrators. As a matter of fact, universities have the same security issues as do private businesses.

Educational institutions have to provide easy access to their systems and support BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy. If a student’s device is compromised, the whole institution network will be affected. It only takes one overlooked vulnerability on a server or a malicious link clicked. That’s why educational institutions need solutions to protect their SISs from intrusions.

The increasing number of attacks targeting higher education institutions points to the need for a more effective cybersecurity.


Educational institutions can secure their information systems based on Oracle PeopleSoft with the help of ERPScan, an award-winning solution. It is a multi-layer suite that allows to address the specific challenges of the industry.

ERPScan Security Monitoring Suite provides a 360-degree analysis of PeopleSoft vulnerabilities and misconfigurations starting from the platform itself and continuing with custom code, access control, and SoD conflicts. By assessing systems and monitoring vulnerable areas, ERPScan minimizes risks and confronts cyber attacks.

ERPScan is capable of high-level trend analysis, risk management, and task delegation. Equipped with advanced settings, the suite makes threat identification easier.

Now, educational institutions can provide their systems with complete protection from the latest data breaches.


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