SAP GDPR Data & Security Audit

The SAP GDPR Data & Security Audit is meant to help you ensure the GDPR compliance. The upcoming EU law will impact the way companies worldwide process personal data. SAP applications store and process data related to customers, vendors, partners, and employees.

ERPScan exclusively specializes in ERP systems, including SAP. Our work is based on continuous research and close collaboration with vendors. We bring your security controls in line with the GDPR framework.

Key benefits:

  • Understand what personal data is processed in your system.
  • Identify users with access to personal data.
  • Evaluate existing security controls.
  • Assess the risks of data subjects.
  • Monitor personal data and ensure personnel awareness.

The report we provide upon completion includes:

  • Inventory of the personal data processed in the SAP landscape.
  • List of users with access to the personal data.
  • Evaluation of SAP security measures.
  • A prioritized list of SAP risks, such as vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and SoD conflicts.
  • Security remediation guidelines.

Why ERPScan?

  • A decade’s worth of experience in SAP security.
  • Listed among TOP 100 SAP Solution providers.
  • 40+ awards.
  • Authored the award-winning “SAP Security in Figures”.
  • Identified 600+ vulnerabilities in the software of major vendors.