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Securing ERP Systems in the Age of Digital Transformation
Industry focused data breach report 2018
Get to the money hacking POS and POP systems
GDPR for SAP: Data Security Implementation Guide
Hardcore SAP Penetration Testing
EAS-SEC SAP Cybersecurity Framework
ERP Cybersecurity Survey 2017
SAP Afaria Security
SAP Mobile Platform Security
SAP Cyber Security in Figures
Hack & Defense Oracle PeopleSoft Security Overview
Oil and Gas Cyber security from SAP to ICS
Chinese attack on USIS using SAP vulnerability. Detailed review and comments
Securing SAP Systems from XSS vulnerabilities
Analysis Of 3000 Vulnerabilities In SAP
The SAP NetWeaver ABAP Platform Vulnerability Assessment Guide
SAP Security In Figures – A Global Survey 2013
Practical Pentesting ERP Systems And Business Applications
SSRF Vs Business Critical Applications: XXE Tunneling In SAP
SAP Security In Figures – A Global Survey 2007-2011
Architecture And Program Vulnerabilities In SAP’s J2EE Engine
Forgotten World – Security Of Enterprise Business Application Systems
SAP Security: Attacking SAP Clients

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