Industry-Focused Data Breach Report 2018


The number of breaches grows each year, so there is a high demand for information on the security of business applications. This data breach report is based on the major security events of 2017. Not all details of each breach are publicly available. While it’s quite easy to find the information about an attacked company and its operations, the details of the losses and attack techniques are sometimes omitted or simply remain unknown. We tried to grasp the correlation between attack types, industries, and targeted assets. We classified all cases by the industry in which a victim company operates. The company’s country, size, and number of employees were also considered.

We gathered only public breaches related to particular companies. The report includes specified data on different industries from Media and Entertainment to Healthcare and Higher Education.


  • 5 million dollars is the average cost of a data breach. An estimated 14 million user accounts was affected in an average espionage attack. A common sabotage resulted in some 2-day downtime.
  • Unauthorized Access is the most common attack type, which proves the importance of User Behavior Analytics.
  • Cyber attacks became more diverse in terms of their goals. Hacked Jails, terminals, cryptoexchanges and much more – it has been an extremely interesting year.

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