ERPScan Smart Cybersecurity Platform

The first and only enterprise security solution based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and providing behavior analytics (UBA) to protect your SAP systems from attacks and internal fraud.

Being able to identify all the types of issues and events, including custom code and SoD violations, ERPScan provides unparalleled vulnerability management capabilities. With the help of carefully designed machine learning features, it can analyze huge amounts of log data, which go beyond human capacity, to detect cyberattacks and anomalous user behavior.

ERPScan Smart Cybersecurity Platform is equipped with a set of modules that encompasses all the main areas of enterprise security outlined in the Gartner PPDR and SAP Cybersecurity Framework. Each of the modules is designed to fit the specific needs of different roles. Moreover, the new interface of the platform makes them easier to be worked with and enhances the overall efficiency of security practices.

  • Collect all the logs generated in your SAP system
  • Detect 0-day and 1-day attacks with the help of machine learning
  • Analyze user behavior and detect anomalies
  • Understand your assets
  • Schedule security checks
  • Identify vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, customization issues, and SoD violations
  • Check compliance
  • Monitor all connections between systems with the Threat Map
  • Review security posture with high-level role-tailored dashboards
  • Get all the necessary security information with the help of the search engine
  • Automate code correction
  • Generate virtual patches on the fly
  • Export 0-day signatures to IDS/IPS systems
  • Track changes between scans
  • Receive notifications
  • Create incidents in external Incident and Task Management systems

Key benefits:

  • Perform industry-specific checks
  • Cover all areas of SAP security
  • Report on the security posture to the management
  • Save time and reduce the costs of compliance
  • Simplify vulnerability management

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