ERPScan Smart Cybersecurity Platform for SAP

  • Assess SAP Cybersecurity
  • Detect SAP Threads
  • Prevent SAP Cyberattacks
  • Respond to SAP Incidents
  • Monitor SAP Cybersecurity
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ERPScan Security Monitoring Suite for SAP

  • Mitigate fraud risk and prevent fraud actions;
  • Comply with regulations and guidelines;
  • Save up to 80 % time and resources;
  • Visualize potential attacks;
  • Simplify remediation;
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ERPScan Security Monitoring Suite for Oracle PeopleSoft

  • Oracle PeopleSoft Vulnerability Assessment;
  • Oracle PeopleSoft Configuration Management;
  • Oracle PeopleSoft Access Control Checks;
  • Oracle Peoplecode Custom Code Security;
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ERPScan Security Scanner for SAP

  • SAP Vulnerability Management;
  • SAP Configuration checks;
  • SAP Compliance;
  • SAP Source code security;
  • SAP Access control;
  • SAP Segregation of duties;
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