ERPScan official statement about US Treasury sanctions

Dear colleagues, as you probably know, yesterday US Treasury included ERPScan in the list of sanctioned companies. It would be superfluous to say this, but of course, we have nothing to do with Russian Federal Security Service as well as other government agencies worldwide. We have always tried to avoid any political issues and stay outside of political events. Now, we regret such an unjust move towards us. Nevertheless, we will pursue our goals related to cybersecurity and develop other markets in more than 35 countries where we operate. In fact, it is unfortunate that American companies will not have a competitive market in the ERP Security field, turning our main US competitor into a monopolist without any incentive to innovate.

Throughout our career, we helped multiple software companies such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, etc. make their systems secure by identifying security issues and contribute to fixing of more than 600 vulnerabilities in their products always following responsible disclosure and supporting research community. We shared our research at over 100 security conferences in more than 30 countries in all continents. Yes, some of our researchers were born in Russia. The point is that this fact is applicable to most of the world’s IT companies. We are sorry, we can’t change it as well as we can’t change the political situation. However, we are able to change the world by making it better and more secure as we did.

We will proceed to help protect critical SAP and Oracle software from cyberattacks, and it doesn’t matter what has happened. All our offices except the one located in the U.S. will operate maintaining our course, and we will continue to fulfil all obligations while working with our partners and customers to produce the most innovative products and secure SAP and Oracle systems.

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