Two talks at Peerlyst San Francisco

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  • April 17, 2018
  • 15:30 (Local time)
  • San Francisco

During the RSA conference, the CTO of ERPScan, Alexander Polyakov, will give two talks as a part of Peerlyst free trainings and presentations.


The first talk, Machine Learning in Cybersecurity for Attack, Defense and beyond, is intended to show what exactly machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence algorithms can do in cybersecurity today. During the presentation, you will see how different tasks, like prediction, classification, clustering, and recommendation, can be applied in both attack (e.g., for captcha bypass and phishing) and defense (e.g., for anomaly detection and exploit protection). Moreover, we will cover the latest techniques of hacking security and non-security products that use ML. We will also discuss applying ML to solve cybersecurity issues in Prediction, Prevention, Detection, and Response activities from network, endpoint, application, and user perspectives.

The second talk, SAP Security 2018: latest trends and results from security assessments, will show why SAP Cybersecurity is increasingly important nowadays, provide examples of real vulnerabilities, and present the latest statistics on the most widespread vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in SAP systems from different industries. Finally, SAP Cybersecurity Framework – a guideline for implementation of SAP Cybersecurity processes – will be introduced.

P.S. All attendees will get a free copy of the new book SAP Cybersecurity for CISO signed by the speaker.


Alexander Polyakov
CTO, Co-Founder of ERPScan