How to Detect SAP Security Incidents?

How to Detect SAP Security Incidents? The consequences of SAP security incidents may be devastating. That’s why timely detection of existing and possible threats is key to keeping systems secure and avoiding huge financial, reputational, and operational losses.



This webinar is another installment in the series of webinars dedicated to SAP Cybersecurity Framework – a result of the implementation of Gartner’s adaptive security architecture in SAP security. A holistic approach to SAP security requires a wide variety controls: predictive, preventive, detective, and responsive.

Detection, the topic of this webinar, comprises the following aspects of SAP security:

  • Event Management;
  • Threat Detection;
  • User Behavior;
  • Data Leakage.

You will learn how to collect the information related to security events; detect attacks and possible threats; identify data leakage conditions; monitor user behavior to detect anomalies and deviations and many more. The webinar will also include a live demonstration of EPRScan Smart Cybersecurity Platform.


Michael Rakutko
Head of Professional Services