3 sessions at Cybersecurity for SAP Customers 2018

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  • June 27, 2018
  • 10:00 (Local time)
  • Prague

These days, unpredicted attacks on SAP systems are still a major challenge for many companies. Keeping this in mind, security experts are straining to find the ways of bettering the security of SAP systems. For SAP users, it is essential to keep up with the latest security approaches to keep their data safe.



Cybersecurity for SAP Customers 2018 is a collaboration between SAP and SAP Insider dedicated to the proven strategies and techniques to secure SAP landscapes and critical data in the age of cloud and mobile. At this conference, two ERPScan’s representatives will deliver three talks.

Alexander Polyakov, CTO and co-founder of ERPScan, will touch upon a comprehensive framework created exclusively for the alignment of ERP security with global trends. Attending SAP Cybersecurity Framework: Use a layered approach to reinforce ERP cybersecurity session, you will:

  • discover the essential SAP cybersecurity initiatives gathered from security frameworks;
  • find out the details of outcomes for the successful implementation of the process in various directions (e.g., ERP vulnerability management, SDLC, ERP secure architecture, etc.);
  • learn how to prioritize actions in all the processes by breaking each into three steps establishing minimum, reliable, and reinforced levels of security.

Mikhail Rakutko, ERPScan’s Head of Professional Services, will deliver two talks. At the Risk-centered design of SAP threat detection use cases session, you will learn how to develop practical risk-oriented SAP threat detection cases analyzing the current SAP threat landscape according to the analysis of 2017 security data breaches and results of ERPScan audits.

How to implement a GDPR-compliant cybersecurity program for your SAP system session will be focused on the GDPR requirements and the ways they affect SAP cybersecurity programs. You will be shown how to incorporate GDPR-related tasks into existing security activities based on the EAS-SEC SAP Cybersecurity Framework.

As a bonus, you will get a draft of the threat detection process with a full checklist with exact steps to reinforce your ERP cybersecurity.

Note: If you register until 4 June, you can SAVE €550.


Alexander Polyakov
CTO, Co-Founder of ERPScan
Michael Rakutko
Head of Professional Services