Week 39 Cyberattack Digest 2019 – Southwestern Ontario hospitals, Airbus, Lee County and others

We have some news for you in our new cyberattack digest 2019 week 39, have a closer look at the incidents of the past week.

Southwestern Ontario hospitals hit by cyber attacks 

by Woodstock Sentinel Review – 26 September, 2019 

 Last week, a wave of cyberattacks hit Southwestern Ontario hospitals, connected by shared infrastructure between the two facilities.The Listowel Wingham Hospitals Alliance and  the Wingham hospital in northeast Huron County, reported security incidents last Thursday. Karl Ellis, the hospital president and CEO, revealed that the incident started on Wednesday night and was noticed during regular monitoring. As part of a precaution, the hospital has decided to take its networks offline for the time of the investigation held both by police and third-party tech professionals. There is no evidence that patient records were exposed in the incident.

Airbus affected in Chinese state-sponsored hack 

by France 24 – 26 September, 2019 

European aerospace company Airbus has recently been hit by a number of cyberattacks. Malefactors targeted its suppliers while searching for commercial secrets. The attack was characterized as a possible Chinese state-sponsored hacking operation. Earlier in January, the famous aircraft-maker revealed that it became a victim of a cyberattack, which resulted in unauthorized data access. The experts said that the campaign itself might be much bigger in scope than it seemed at first. 

In terms of the current attack, the hackers were after some technical documentation regarding the certification process for parts of Airbus aircraft; some other stolen records contained information on  the A400M military transport plane, and the A350 propulsion and avionics systems.The real reason of the attack might be explained by the fact that Chinese aircraft manufacturers are said to be relatively weak in the mentioned issues. 

“Our national security is at risk and it’s well past time to address this challenge with leadership and resources. The entire defense supply chain has been under attack for years, and it’s not just the small companies that are vulnerable. Defense agencies must gain visibility immediately. We can’t afford to wait,”  said Jake Olcott, VP of government affairs at BitSight.

Lee County restores its network after a cyberattack 

by News-Press – 24 September, 2019 

As a result of a recent  cyber incident Lee County government websites had been taken offline last week and was finally restored last Tuesday afternoon. The website remained unavailable for four days in total, and during this period, residents lost an essential link to their county government. The attack itself was performed on Friday two weeks ago., which led to knocking out Internet service for the public and disrupting county department access to the system. Currently, the access to the network was gradually restored across all departments and functions, but several connection issues or service outages may occur as online services are being restored. Manual entry of payment of financial obligations to the county  is available.

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