Week 31 Cyberattack Digest 2019 – Sabine Parish School District, Tangipahoa Public School District, New Orleans Public School District and others

Welcome to our week 31 cyberattack digest, and today we are going to pay attention to the series of recent attacks on US schools.

Four school districts in Louisiana are targeted

by arklatexhomepage.com – 31 July, 2019 

First of all, in came to light that several public school districts in Louisiana have been targeted by malefactors. Four school districts in Louisiana, including the Sabine Parish School District, have faced security issues by the end of July.

Earlier in 2017, Edwards established the Louisiana Cyber Security Commission, and last week was the first time when support services had to be involved into the incident to help the schools recover.

“We have mobilized teams to go to these school districts to help them stand back up and now we’re going to have to work back through this process and also continue to work to make sure we are going to improve the situation going forward. While it’s school systems today it could be any public or private entity tomorrow” said Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards. He also said that state and federal agencies were working together to protect schools across the state.

Tangipahoa Public School District on the Northshore is affected 

by fox8life.com – 29 July, 2019

Another affected school district to report a problem was the Tangipahoa Public School District on the Northshore.

Parents were informed at the school district’s headquarters last Monday that no registrations would take place: Mariah Marion had hoped to register her son for high school as well as many other parents. “I came to register him for school, and they told me the systems were down and they didn’t what was going on, or when they were going to be back up,” Marion commented.

Crystal Noland came with her stepdaughter and was disappointed by the fact that they could not take care of her school registration. “That’s horrible. We came all the way out here for nothing pretty much,” Noland said.

Houston County Schools delay the start of the school year 

by al.com – 31 July, 2019 

Houston County Schools have been forced to delay their start date once again as a result of a cyber incident. Schools in the county originally planned to open last Thursday, but date was moved to this Monday, Aug. 5.

Now, system officials informed students that they will return to class next Monday, Aug. 12. The changes were caused by an apparent malware attack that shutdown the system’s computer and telecommunications networks. School workers reported back to school on Monday as it was originally scheduled. There is no evidence that any critical data has been affected and used as a result of the incident.

Currently, federal agencies, including the FBI, are taking over the investigation of the incident.

New Orleans Public School District is another victim on the list

by fox8life.com – 1 August, 2019 

Another recent victim of cyberattackers was the New Orleans Public School District, which was revealed by Morris Jeff. Community School suffered a cybersecurity breach last Wednesday and immediately after that school officials shut down the network. 

Hope your plans for the new school year were not interrupted by the recent events. That is all for today. Keep an eye on your private data and
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