Week 30 Cyberattack Digest 2019 – Brazil President, Lancaster University Georgia Department of Public Safety and others

We hope you have been waiting for our news compilation as we have prepared for you our new week 30 cyberattack digest. Enjoy!

Brazil President Bolsonaro’s cellphones are targeted in a cyberattack

by Reuters – 25 July, 2019

Cellphones of President Jair Bolsonaro were targeted by cyber criminals, the Brazilian Justice Ministry said in a statement last Thursday

The federal police characterized the incident “as a matter of national security.” Bolsonaro is the latest high-ranking government official to fall victim of a cyberattack. The ministry said the attack came from people arrested last Tuesday and accused of hacking other government authorities.

A suspect arrested over Lancaster University incident

by Sky News – 24 July, 2019 

We hope you did not apply to study in Lancaster University this or the next year. Otherwise we have some bad news for you: information on this year and next year applicants has been stolen by a hacker.

Recently, a suspect  has been arrested on suspicion of computer crimes. This was a 25-year-old, who was arrested last Monday and then released under investigation, according to the NCA’s cyber crime unit. The personality of the real hacker or hackers remains unknown. “We are aware that fraudulent invoices are being sent to some undergraduate applicants. We have alerted applicants to be aware of any suspicious approaches,” the officials of the university say.

Georgia Department of Public Safety under a cyberattack 

by AJC – 27 July, 2019 

The Georgia Department of Public Safety reports that it has fallen victim to a cyberattack

DPS spokeswoman Stephanie Stallings said last Saturday that officials were investigating a ransomware attack. The incident was discovered last Friday morning within the agency’s computer system.“Protocols are in place and have been activated for an event like this,” Stallings commented and noted that teams were still examining the DPS system to learn more. It was decided last Friday to shut down the department’s computer servers and systems for the period of the Georgia Technology Authority investigation.

As a result of the GSP, the Department of Motor Vehicle Safety and Capitol police, has switched to a system of phone and radio communications in the meantime, which did not have any negative impact on the work process.

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