Week 26 Cyberattack Digest 2019 – Cybereason, The Lake City, Yandex, and others

We hope you still like our tradition of posting cyberattack digests every week, and today, as always we have some hot cyber news for you in our Week 26 cyberattack digest.

Cybereason helps telecoms provider to combat cyberattackers 

by Digital Trends – 25 June, 2019

According to Cybereason, an international cybersecurity company with its headquarters in Boston, one telecoms provider has become a victim of a cyberattack recently.

The security company helped the affected organization to stand against five waves of attacks that have happened since 2018. In a prolonged cyberattack against global phone networks, malefactors seem to have collected information related to phone conversations, such as call duration, the identity of the parties or the physical location of the device. The attackers targeted Call Detail Records, or CDRs and turned to a familiar system to get access to private networks. This could be done with the help of a certain malware activated through opening infected files sent via email. 

The company claims it saw the attack, then its specialists worked to stop the other four attacks over the next few months. Each time the tools had been reworked.

The Lake City decides to pay $500,000 ransom

by Business Insider – 27 June, 2019

Last Monday, The Lake City, Florida, administration was made to pay cyber criminals about $500,000 in order to release the city’s computer files

The ransomware attack occurred earlier, on June 10, according to the local media.  Before the city officials finally agreed to pay the ransom, the city used its back-up systems to conduct its work. This included paper receipts and hand-written building permits. “Utility payments can still be made in-person at City Hall, however credit card payments are currently not available,” the city officials said, “While other City networks are currently disabled, Public Safety networks are isolated and protected by encryption.”

Russian Internet giant experiences a security incident 

by Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty – 29 June, 2019

One of the largest Russian Internet companies confirmed it was affected in a cyber incident at the end of last year

Luckily,  there is no evidence that any user data was compromised. Yandex is sometimes called “Russia’s Google” due to its offerings of search, mail and taxi services. On June 27,  it presumably caught the attack at an early stage, which was then “neutralized” before any damage could be done. There is no surprise as major Internet companies regularly become subject to cyberattacks. Still, this particular hack was undertaken by experts of Western intelligence agencies. 

The malefactors installed a rare type of malware that is used by Western intelligence agencies in an attempt to spy on users, U.S. security agencies did not give any comments. Moscow-based Yandex is officially traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange of  New York. 

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