Week 16 Cyberattack Digest 2019 – The Weather Channel, Stratford City Hall, IBON Foundation and others

We have found some hot cyberattack news for you, and we hope you have a little time to read our week 16 cyberattack digest.

No weather forecasts Thursday morning

by Bleeping Computer – 18 April, 2019

Last Thursday morning, The Weather Channel was forced to stop its live broadcasting due to a security incident. This lasted for at least 90 minutes

When the “AMHQ” show should have started at 6 AM, viewers saw taped programming “Heavy Rescue.”  About 90 minutes later, the live show returned and the viewers were informed about the cyber incident. Backup systems made possible restoring the normal program. In the official statement on Twitter, The Weather Channel commented that federal law enforcement was on the case. Still, there is a little known about the incident, and there is no information about the nature of the cyberattack or the malware used.

A little known about Stratford city hall incident

by The London Free Press – 15 April, 2019

Stratford city hall has recently become a victim of a cyberattack. Still, according to the officials, there is no evidence that any personal data has been compromised

Stratford Mayor Dan Mathieson revealed on Monday that the incident was characterized as a ransomware attack, but IT professionals “found no evidence of a data theft or transfer.” The city is currently working with security experts and law enforcement agencies.

“We are taking an abundance of caution in doing so to ensure the safety of the city’s information systems and data,” Mathieson said. Stratford police commented that they were busy investigating the case. “Looking into how it originated, who could be responsible for it,” Const. Darren Fischer said. City officials are not going to speculate what the target of the ransomware attack was and where exactly it originated. Aleksander Essex, an assistant professor of software engineering with a specialization in cybersecurity and applied cryptography, explained that ransomware attacks are “more common than they should be.” “A lot of private companies, they’ll pay the ransom and you’ll just never know about it,” he commented.

Think-tank’s website hit by a cyberattack

by Philstar.com – 19 April, 2019

Another victim of malefactors is busy dealing with the consequences of a cyber incident: an official of IBON Foundation revealed the think-tank’s website experienced a cyberattack.

Sonny Africa, executive director of IBON, said the foundation is currently “working on resurrection.” “No, IBON’s website isn’t on vacation… and apparently neither are cyber-attackers,” Africa сommented. “Its insistence on a self-serving fake narrative of the country makes it attack IBON for speaking the truth. This government is afraid of the truth and truth tellers. It should be—these always outlast lies and liars,” IBON’s Africa said in a Twitter post.

Cyberattacks flood in Ecuador

by Daily Mail Online – 16 April, 2019

After the arrest of Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder and dissident, cyberattacks flooded Ecuador

Ecuador’s Telecommunications Vice Minister Patricio Real confirmed the rise in cyber incidents last Monday and said the government has fielded 40 million per day since Assange had been arrested last Thursday. The wave of attempted hacks has invaded Ecuador from 51st place in terms of volume of cyberattacks worldwide to 31st. As for the targets, hackers have chasen public websites in Ecuador including those of the country’s presidency, central bank foreign ministry, and others.

All the websites were hit by what is known as a distributed denial of service, DDoS, attack. No data has been stolen or destroyed by hacking attempts but as a consequence results it became more difficult for government employees and citizens to access public websites. It is still unknown who was behind the torrent of hacks, but the Anonymous hacking collective had previously made threats.

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