Consulting companies can now save time and stay ahead of their competitors. With the best-in-class risk assessment, metrics, compliance, benchmarks across all configuration auditing, vulnerability management, source code and SoD.

SAP Security assessment in our experience is very time consuming. Additionally, the complexity of the system along with the huge amounts of varying installation types demands attention from specialists having expertise in various fields of security. The application server could be based on ABAP, J2EE, HANA or any other platform. Even these require a range of SAP specialists along with particular list of applications and modules that could range over 50.

ERPScan Security Monitoring Suite significantly simplifies assessment task by automating most of its ordinary checks. This leaves you with ample time on your hands which can be devoted to analyzing the customized part of very-specific applications or just make your work much more quickly.

Penetration testers get an easy to use convenient tool that anonymously and automatically does a variety of checks and lists data to conduct attacks. Our unique set of exploitsincluding 0-days target precisely SAP and Oracle systems can be executed to get full access to business data. Along with penetration testing and security assessment, you could earn a competitive edge by offering your clients source code security scanning and access control checks.

Time is a crucial factor for most consulting companies. Time management with the help of automated SAP landscape checks against multiple standards and guidelines such as; SOX, PCI, NERC CIP standards, ISACA DSAG and EAS-SEC recommendations and industry specific guidelines is now easily achievable. This leaves consulting companies enough time on their hands to focus on quality and speed of work by concentrating on specific areas that need their valuable attention.

“ERPScan Security Monitoring Suite is certainly the only solution system that has numerous checks. Not only does it display every existing issue but also showcases excellent security intelligence base, which includes multi-criteria risk analysis and comprehensive mitigation instructions. Although our experience in SAP security assessment is not immense, our clients wers surely impressed.All thanks to ERPScan.” A consultant from an Eastern European penetration testing company

Business benefits

  • Save time by doing a complete system analysis within an hour, or perform a quick scan on critical issues in a couple of minutes. Say No to manual analysis that needs dedicated work that could span through days;
  • Magnify your competitive edge by offering source code security scanning and access control along with regular SAP penetration testing and SAP security assessments;
  • Flexible license model;
  • Free product trainings;
  • Free SAP Security trainings for selected partners;

Technology benefits

  • Comply with regulations such as SOX, NERC CIP and PCI-DSS and guidelines such as SAP, ISACA and DSAG accomplished within hours instead of a month;
  • Decrease education expanses by using world-Largest Knowledgebase compiled by information security professional and SAP experts. This allows for ease in understanding of security issues found along with remediation steps so that even inexperienced SAP professionals can infer to them
  • Automate routine by identifying 7500+ misconfigurations and 2500+ vulnerabilities spanning different SAP platforms (ABAP, JAVA, HANA, BOBJ, Mobile), Systems and Industry solutions;
  • Automatically exploit vulnerabilities, identify weak passwords and execute multi-stage attacks and post-exploitation;

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